’62 Scholarship Fund – please note the “Donate” button to your right or download and use the mail in form :-)

Dear Classmate:

As part of our Class of 1962’s 50th reunion this year, our Class is creating a scholarship in the name of ’62 for at least one graduating senior from BHS so that he or she might further his/her education. As a first step, we’re coalescing a Scholarship “Committee” of classmates to demonstrate broad based support within our class for the fundraising effort.

Your high school circa 1962

In brief, our class can create a scholarship through Berea’s The Educational Foundation* (TEF) for as little as $500. If we raise $13,000 we can create an endowed scholarship in our class’s name.

To be part of the Scholarship Committee, we’d ask that you commit to:
1) Making a donation meaningful to your circumstances to TEF, ideally by February 15, 2012. TEF will manage the funds and be involved with the process for awarding the scholarship.
2) Being an information resource for classmates and encouraging their gift to TEF.
3) Allowing your name to be used in the fundraising effort (unless you request to be anonymous).

Scholarship Committee members so far include John Gardner, Bill Anderson, Uldis Kruze, Ron Landeck, Ted Stalzer, Bob Rosselli, Craig Toedtman, Chris Macosko, Karen Cajka Silvers, Mark Mathis, Dick Luff, Don Auble, and myself. The more the merrier, so consider this an invitation to join us!

It’s safe to say there are many Berea High seniors who will be constrained in their quest for further education because of limited funds. A TEF scholarship funded by and in the name of ’62 will be an excellent way those of us who benefited from Berea Schools can and do give back.

Warm regards,

Krist Jake

*The Educational Foundation is a scholarship granting non-profit aligned with the Berea School District. It is a 501(c)(3) with an independent board  (classmate Don Auble is an Honorary Board Member) and all donations are tax deductible.  See http://www.berea.k12.oh.us/foundation

’62 Update:
The Berea High ’62 Scholarship fund is off to a great start – as of January 6, 2012, $850 has been donated by 5 classmates. Excellent! We’ll be able to award a scholarship to a senior from this year’s graduating class. And we’re encouraged to consider a commitment to create an endowed scholarship!

The Berea Triangle as it was then...

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