Missing Classmates

We are working on the details for our big 50th reunion, and one of our objectives is to contact every classmate and tell them about the reunion.  We know not everybody will choose to attend the reunion, but we believe every classmate should have the opportunity to know about the reunion plans and schedule and decide if they want to attend.  We’ve been fairly successful so far, but we need your help. Following is a list of 22 of our classmates that we have been unable to locate.  Most of them have been “missing” since our first reunion in 1972, but we’re determined to find them.  If you have any information about one or more of these “lost” ’62 classmates, we need to hear from you.  Anything you can tell us might help us to locate them.  If you knew the person, or knew who they were friends with in school, let us know.  If you remember names of their siblings, we might be able to find their brother or sister.  If you remember where they lived, or remember parents’ names, that might give us a lead in our search.  If you know the name of the person they married, we might be able to find their spouse.  If you have information on where they were at any point from 1962 to the present (address, city, where they worked, anything), that might help.  Don’t assume someone else will give us information.  If that was the case, we might already have located the missing classmates.  So if you know anything, call Dick Luff at (440)725-2848 or email him at RLuff329 at Hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at the list and think about who you might know the whereabouts of.  Here is our list of missing 1962 classmates:

Classmate   Name Nickname Notes
Aida L.   Alcantara Aida Entered Senior Year
Tania K.   Benish Toni Entered Senior Year
Karen   (Cosgrave) Dolin Karen
Gerard   Davis Bud Entered Senior Year
Susan E.   Doverspike Sue Entered Junior Year
Gary S.   Fry Gary Entered Junior Year
Archie   L. Harris Archie Might be in Los Angeles   area
Alice V.   Leathers Alice Entered Junior Year
Thomas   W. Miller Tom Might be in Canada
Nathaniel   G. Moss Nate Last known in Connecticut,   spouse is Jeanette
Rareun   Netrayon Tee Entered Junior Year
Randolph   E. Richardson Randy Last known in Akron
Glenda   F. Swango Glenda Entered Senior Year
Jo Ann   (Vaughn) Barone Jo Ann
Lawrence   F. White Larry Last known in Brunswick
Bonnie   D. Winslow Bonnie Entered Senior Year
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