Thank you to John Gardner BHS ’62

Dear John,

Thank you for all your volunteer work on the BHS ’62 Scholarship. The Class of ’62 really appreciated your initiative last autumn, when you drafted the very thoughtful, personal appeal and distributed it to our classmates. That was a major undertaking and the scholarship fund benefited substantially.

As best we can tell from the data The Education Foundation has provided, your outreach resulted in approximately 30 gifts to The Education Foundation totaling $4-$5 thousand. It is especially impressive that many of the gifts were from first time donors. The ’62 scholarship fund is now approximately $14,000, essentially “endowed” for an annual $500 scholarship, a goal since we began fundraising about 5 years ago.

Again, our most sincere thanks for undertaking that large and important project.  Well done!

Berea High ’62

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